The initial visit and investigations

When you first visit the unit you will have an initial consultation with a senior doctor. As a part of the infertility services provided by IVF Pune we offer a full range of fertility investigations, of course not all of them may apply to you.

  They include
Detailed semen analysis including seminal fluid analysis
Antisperm antibody testing and sperm function tests
Hormone assays
Pelvic ultrasound scans including follicle tracking
Hysterosalpingography ( an x-ray of womb & fallopian tunes )
Hysteroscopy ( an examination of the inside of the womb )
Laparoscopy ( an examination of the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries )
If you have had previous tests in another hospital, we would like to get the results, so as to avoid repeating the investigations when possible. It would be helpful to bring your previous reports with you. We generally repeat the semen analysis in our laboratory and may need to repeat certain investigations if required.

Once these tests are complete you will be given a follow-up appointment, to discuss the results of the investigations and the conclusions which have been reached. At this time we can discuss suitable treatment options with you, and should also be able to give you a reasonable idea of your chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. If further tests are necessary you will be told exactly what needs to be done and why.

IVF Pune offers you a full range of treatment options
Laparoscopic surgery
Hysteroscopic surgery
Tubal surgery
Ovulation induction & monitoring of cycles
Artificial insemination with partner's sperm
Donor insemination
Invitro fertilization ( IVF )
IVF using donor eggs / embryos
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI )
Blastocyst culture
Assisted hatching

We will discuss all these options and how they may apply to you. You will also be told what the charges are likely to be.

Before embarking on any course of fertility treatment you should be aware of the following :


The limitations and possible outcomes of the proposed treatment
The possible side effects and risks of treatment advised
The current success rates
The techniques involved
The implications of treatment especially with donor eggs or sperm
Alternative treatments
The costs of treatment
The time & procedure involved in the treatment
The availability of counselling

We would be talking to you regarding all these and would be happy to answer any other questions that you may have. You will also receive written information which will give you adequate knowledge about each procedure.

What happens if the treatment fails

If your treatment does not result in a successful pregnancy the doctor will see you again. At these consultations the doctor will review all aspects of your treatment and discuss your next step. This could range from continuing the same treatment or switching to an alternative treatment.
Counselling Support

Infertility is a stressful experience for many couples. It is also a trying time for those couples requiring donor eggs or sperm. It is quite common to feel alone with your emotions and there are times when a couple or an individual may need to talk to someone. It is at these times that people can turn to the IVF Pune unit for support.

To achieve this and help you out with guidance and support we have an independent, qualified counselor who you can see for as few or as many sessions as you require. To make an appointment you can call the clinic and fix an appointment with the infertility counselor.
Patient support group

If you are interested in attending a patient support group we will be pleased to hear from you. As well as being a great way of talking to people who understand what you are going through, it offers an informed and relaxed forum for IVF Pune staff to get together to discuss general topics about infertility.

Your care and treatment at IVF Pune is strictly confidential. In case you have been referred to us, we will need to write to the doctor who referred you to us to let them know what tests or treatment you are undergoing and the treatment outcome. You will be asked to give your consent to do so.

All information about donor eggs, donor sperm or donor embryos, in case your treatment happens to involve these will also be kept confidential. Your consent forms will also carry the relevant legal matters about confidentiality and other issues.
What are the costs

There would be a charge for the initial consultation and any follow-up. consultation that you have with your doctor. The reception desk will let you know about these when you make an appointment. According to the investigations pertaining to you the cost list will be make available.

If after the required investigations a decision is made to go ahead with IVF then the cost of a standard IVF cycle is given as a package which will cover the ultrasound scans, embryology fee, the oocyte retrieval & embryo transfer procedure, doctors consultations and counselling till the completion of one treatment cycle.

The charges for the drugs will vary depending on the type and amount of drugs required for each patient and will have to be paid as per the cost of the drug being taken by you. An approximate cost of the drugs will be given to you during your counselling session prior to starting your IVF cycle. Drugs will be made available at IVF Pune.
Help us help you

The unit is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment for each individual in a sympathetic and caring environment.
We also aim to provide as much support as possible for couples whose treatment may not be successful. Our goal is to make you an active, informed and empowered patient.

We have patient information booklets on a number of topics to give you information on various fertility related topics as well as treatment options. We hope you find that these are informative and are able to address some of your queries. We are constantly trying to improve the service we offer to you and we would welcome any suggestions to help us achieve this.